The Department of Zoology was established in 1955. The Department offers post graduate courses to students studying for further degrees leading to Master of Science and Master of Research degrees. The doctoral programme is also in place and currently there are 33 Ph.D degree holders. The Department maintains a library, a museum and three modern laboratories. A small butterfly house is now in operation with the Professor of Zoology heading a team of dedicated researchers from the Department.

During the early years the Department of Psychology was part of the Department of Philosophy but emerged as a separate Department of Psychology in 1952. The Psychology Department's objectives are to acquire an in-depth knowledge of what psychology is and to acquire a set of general personal transferable skills and capabilities to set the student on the road to a lifetime of independent development.

The Department of Physics came into existence together with Yangon University in 1920. The Department aims to teach and also investigate all the aspects of physics as related to human existence and his environment and the best ways to harness the forces of nature for its benefit and also to produce future physicists of high caliber.

The Department was established in 1920 and offers a wide selection of courses covering both traditional and contemporary schools of thought. The curriculum is well organized to help students acquire the necessary skills of reading and comprehension, conceptual analysis and argumentation. The Philosophy Department offers courses leading to Master of Arts, Master of Research and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Philosophy.

This is one of the oldest Departments of the University as it came into existence together with the University in 1920.There are Tutors, AssistantLecturers, Lecturers, and a Professor in the Department. Three part-time Professors andthree Venerable Sayadaws from the International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University and one Venerable Sayadaw from the State Pariyatti Sasana University are acting as part time Lecturers.

The Department of Myanmar Established in 1941. Currently the Department offers courses leading to Master of Arts, Master of Researchand Doctor of Phiiosophy(Ph.D) in the Myanmar language and literature. The Department offers courses on studies of ancient Myanmar languages, contemporary Myanmar language, General Linguistics and Phonetics, Sociolinguistics, Semantics and Stylistics plus studies on ancient and contemporary Myanmar literature.

This Department was also created together with YangonUniversity in 1920. There are 81 staff members in the Department.The Department offers Masterof Science, Master of Research and Ph.D degrees.

The Department of Library and Information Studies came into existence on part-time basis from June 1971 to 1997. At that time, the Department‘s name was Library Science. U Thaw Kaung, Chief Librarian of the Universities’ Central Library, served as Head of the part –time department for more than two and a half decades. The Department has produced over 300 post-graduate diploma holders who are now serving in various local and international libraries. In 1997, it was re-structured as the 19th department of the University under the new name, “Library and Information Studies”. Then, it was headed by Professor U Thein Lwin from 1997 to 2007. U Thein Shwe became Head of Department from 2007 to 2011. At present, Daw Htay Htay Win (Lecturer) acts as Head of Department. The Department has thirteen Faculty staffs and two office staffs.

The Department of Law came into existence in 1920 together with the Rangoon University, what is today the University of Yangon (YU). It was one of seven original affiliated faculties of the Rangoon University. During the early years, the Law Department only offered a law degree known as Bachelor of Laws (BL) degree as a part-time post graduate degree course. The BL Degree consisted of a two year course of study.

This is a relatively new department as it was established only in 1984. There are 28 teaching staffs at the Department for 2013-2014 academic year. The Department offers courses leading to Diploma in International Relations, Master of Arts, Master of Research and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degree. The studies cover governmental systems and politics, major political, economic, environmental and social issues in international relations around the world.

Teaching of Industrial Chemistry was introduced at the Yangon University Chemistry Department in November 1966. A separate Department of Industrial Chemistry, however, cameinto existence in 1986. The objective of the Department of Industrial Chemistry is to promote and apply the acquired knowledge of the physical and chemical sciences to the widerange of production and processingindustries for the benefit of mankind and also matters relating to conservation of the environment from the effects of development of economy and technical advances.

Established in 1920 the Department has been associated with the founding of Yangon University ever since. The History Department aimsto produce graduates and newgenerations of historians who can establish human relationships that are in harmony and confident for the development of the country. For these aims and objectives the History Department offers courses leading to Master of Arts, Master of Research and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in history. Master degree in History candidates are required to attend a two years full time course and to successfully pass the examinations held at the end of each semester.

The Department of Geography and Geology was created in 1923. But in 1948 they were separated and the Department of Geology came into existence. Currently there are 16 academic staffmembersat the Department. The aim of the academic programme of the Department of Geology is to offer a comprehensive range of degrees to suit the varied aims and academic backgrounds of the students.

Geography Department was set up in 1924. Geography Department aims to disseminate geographic knowledge among the public; to effectively assist with geographic knowledge in national development endeavours; and to enhance the collaborations in research and teaching with international universities and organizations.

The English Department dates back to 1920, the year when Yangon University became separatedfrom Calcutta (Kolkota) University. There are 33 Tutors, Asst. Lecturers, Lecturers, Associate Professors and Professors in the Department. Currently the English Department offers diploma and postgraduate courses on English up to an including Master of Arts, Master of Research and Ph.D degrees for students of English.

The Department of Computer Studies is the 20th department of the University of Yangon. Established in 2004 the Department aims to upgrade the knowledge of ICT in the country, to nurture new and young software and network engineers, promote researches in ICT field, train and build up a large pool of qualified personnel in the ICT field.

The Department of Chemistry was founded in 1880 and incorporated into the newly founded University of Yangon in 1920. It is therefore one of the oldest departments of the University.The vision of the Department is to create a system that can build a body of knowledge power house which enhances national prosperity and competitive standing in the world of work. It is currently constituted by 85 academic staff, 7 administrative staff and 20 laboratory technicians.

The Botany Department sets its objectives to conduct academic and research programmes concerning plant sciences. These objectives are development of efficient and effective human resources, improvement of post graduate or doctoral programmes, improvement of botanical sciences programmes, high standard of learning and high quality research. The Department has 80 staff members and offers courses leading to Master of Science, Master of Research and Doctorof Philosophy in Botany.

The Department was set up in 1994 with the aim to promote awareness of ancient Myanmar culture, and archaeological knowledge, to train new generations of archaeologists and to support tourism sector in Myanmar. Post-graduate Diploma, Master of Arts, Master of Research and Doctor of Philosophy on Archaeology courses are offered.

The Anthropology Department was established in 1950 under the  guidance of the Rector of the University, Dr. Htin Aung. The Department offers courses for Master of Arts, Master of Research and Diploma. Besides, it holds weekly seminars, paper presentations and group discussions  to  further anthropological knowledge. The Department has also been conducting many research projects on national groups and community development in Myanmar.


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